Self-Development through Practical Philosophy

We offer an inspiring course for anyone who wants to answer life’s big questions, become more mindful and get more out of life.

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Live your best life

This 10-week course in practical philosophy explores the true inner nature of the human being. Sessions are filled with lively discussion and there are no exams to pass.

Ideas, inspiration and material are drawn from the great philosophical traditions of East and West to help participants develop inner calm and peace of mind, discover greater freedom and happiness, and realise their true potential.

The course is interactive, non-academic, and practices learned are immediately applicable to daily life (see week-by-week breakdown of course content).

Courses are offered live in-person at the School’s premises, but are also offered online in certain languages (see latest course options).

Following this introductory course, there is the possibility to pursue topics in further depth in subsequent terms, including the opportunity to be introduced to meditation.

What other students have said

  • "The course gave me more understanding of who I really am and what I value."

  • "The course was superb"

  • "The group gave so much energy"

  • "Participating in this course was the best decision I ever made"

    Practical Philosophy

    Live your best life

    This inspiring 10-week course is for anyone looking to answer life’s big questions:

    • How do I discover inner calm and peace in a pressured world?
    • How do I access my inner wisdom and become more…
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    Practical Philosophy

    Words of Wisdom

    "A civilisation comes about through the successive contributions of generations that support each other, like the stones of a building."

    André Fossard

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    Civilisation - Fossard


    Today meditation has embedded itself within our culture and its immense benefits are increasingly recognised. It is applied across fields as wide ranging as leadership training, elite sports performance and emotional intelligence.

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    About Us

    The School of Philosophy is a registered not-for-profit organisation and has been offering courses in Belgium for over 40 years. Founded on the principle that everything stems from unity, the School’s courses explore how anyone can achieve self-knowledge and inner peace. From there, anyone may find true happiness, live more consciously and fulfil their potential.

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    Register for our next 10-week introductory course in Practical Philosophy, to be held in-person at our School House in Brussels. The term starts provisionally on Monday 18th September 2023.
    The course fee is 70 euros (all 10 weeks, refundable on request during first 3 weeks). Sessions start at 19.30 and finish by 21.45pm.

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    Other languages?

    The Practical Philosophy introductory courses are given in English on Monday evenings, and are held in-person (depending on status of Covid restrictions) at the School house in Brussels. Separate courses are also available in French and Dutch. Visit our French or Dutch language websites for more information.

    A real taste of philosophy

    The next 10-week introductory course in Practical Philosophy will be held in-person at the School House in Brussels (subject to Covid-19 restrictions). 

    Occasional online sessions may be held - see the registration page. These would be interactive, encouraging discussion with the tutor and between group members, as do the in-person sessions. The course fee is €70 which covers the 10 week term.